Tips To Overcome Intimacy Issues To Make A Relationship Work

Loving someone can be the terrifying experience sometimes, especially when the partners do not try to understand each other. The closeness and affection is the essential element in making a relationship successful. But sometimes the couples fail to develop an intimacy in their relationship that leads towards the conflicts. The reason for not having an intimacy between you and your partner could be that you or your girl may have a fear of intimacy. Today we will discuss a few tips to overcome the intimacy issues. So let’s get started.

What Is Intimacy?

Intimacy is the way of living openly. It means that you know everything about your partner and seeing his/her eyes you can understand his/her feelings. The physical and emotional intimacies both are essential to make a relationship work. In intimacy, you share your unique nature with each other. In simple words intimacy is a beautiful expression of love, but not for all. Some people may have a fear of intimacy, and if their partner does not understand this problem, their relationship may suffer.

Let’s have a look at the ways to overcome the intimacy issues:

  • Become comfortable:

It is highly essential to become comfortable and make your partner also feel comfortable while getting intimate with each other. Show the physical acts of affection towards your sweetheart. Try to be friendly with your partner and make him/her feel safe. It will significantly help reduce your partner’s fear of intimacy.

  • Emotional intimacy:

Your partner has a fear of intimacy because he/she does not want to get emotionally hurt. He/she may have lost someone in the past, or the past relationship created fear in him/her. So make sure that your partner first feels emotional intimacy with you. Once the hearts are connected, then the trust builds.

  • Determine your relationship goal:

Why are you in a relationship? What do you want from your partner? To overcome the intimacy fear you need to determine the relationship goals. Once you know what you want from your relationship, it becomes easy to connect with your partner.

  • Be open:

The communication is one of the essential elements that make a relationship successful. If there is no or little communication between the partners, then there will be no intimacy. So Create Open Communication with your partner and discuss everything you want. Let your partner know about you so that he/she could better understand the situation. Do not hesitate in showing the real side of you to your partner.

  • Speak respectfully and express your love:

When was the last time you confessed to your partner that you love him/her? It is essential to express your love to make your partner feel special. Speak respectfully and show your love in small actions. Hold your partner’s hand while watching your favorite show or keep her head on your shoulders. It will create a connection between you and your wife.  Tell her when you feel hurt and what makes you happy.