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Nurturing Good Behavior

Each and every parent wishes that their child will always be well behaved at all times. The actions and mannerism in which a child conducts themselves usually has a lot to tell about the upbringing and behavior of the child. Parenting has many things one has to do including imparting good behavior in children to ensure that they are responsible. Encouraging good behavior in children usually begins from when they are young and continues throughout the different development stages into adulthood. Simple observation of how children interact with their fellow children will greatly indicate the behavior of a child. Positive interaction among the children will indicate good behavior such as when they are sharing play toys with minimal fighting.

Great focus on what a child does right is always the best thing when one is teaching a child how to be of good behavior other than just focusing on what the child does in the wrong way. Good behavior in children is always nurtured by always ensuring that they are not condemned when they do things but rather encourage to continue doing things in the right way and shown proper direction when they do wrong. Good behavior in children can be promoted by ensuring that one is a role model to their child by ensuring that you always do what you want the child to do. Parent who lowers themselves to the level of their child when giving them instruction regarding a certain behavior in children will help nurture good behavior in the child since it will help in the listening skills. Children may develop bad behavior as a result of challenges they face in their day to day life hence listening keenly as they talk and giving proper advice will prevent to nurture the bad behavior. It is also very important in ensuring that one creates an environment that will help nurture a child’s good behavior.

Bad behavior may come about situations in life and they should be well managed. Verbal confrontation, highly aggressive or being hot-tempered are some of the signs of a child with bad behaviour. Genetics of a child, being highly impoverished, environmental causes including being in highly crowded areas where there are minimum resources as well as when a child may be in dire need for help can be some of the causes of bad behavior in a child.

Good behavior in a child as well as an adult is quite important as it helps one to get positive attention from those people that surround them. Good behavior enables one also to have a good relationship to those that are around us including friends. Good behavior in a person will also ensure that they have confidence at all times since one has no worry on whether he/she is doing or saying the right thing.

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