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Nobody Would have taken Chester Carlson serious when he come up with the idea of a photocopier machine but after documents that have been photocopied coming to trillions at the moment it actually became the biggest innovation ever since Gutenberg and copying of culture became duplicated, and then the copying of other individuals languages came about when Johann Gutenberg created the printing press in the 1400s the production of the books became quite easy and convenient.

The copier machine has been in invention for many years but many of them were not very convenient to use and in many cases they were massy and they took a long time to have many papers copied.

The inexpensive copy machines are currently available in many places one may find them such as ross international copiers and some direct copiers are even more affordable.

The invention of the copier was a real commercial is a breakthrough in that it was not possible to have copies made of certain useful documents such as books but currently the use of laser machines to do the copying has made the work easier because it provides clear copies that look exactly like the ones they were copied from and the process is very easy and convenient for either at home or in the office.

This year alone there will be some three trillion copies made by laser printed copiers or 500 copies for each person on earth per month and many inventions have been made by various people on the use of photo-electricity which is a method of using a photoconductive substance which has the capability of conducting electricity and this tends to increase the light which is shone on it and in this way some photoconductivity occurs to enable the document to be copied.

The laser printing direct copiers is a copier that has changed the way copying of documents is don and it works by beaming a light that scans forth and back through a drum that is placed in a printer and this builds some static electricity in patterns which attract the subject matter thatch is the paper and then some kinds of ink in form of powder which is placed in a toner to fuse and the unit of fuser bonds on the paper or document and it makes a copy.

There is the inkjet printer where the image of the document is put on paper by the printer by using jets of various inks depending on the individual’s preference and the word laser printer actually means that a laser beam of light is focused on the paper and this makes the image to be placed on the document.

There are numerous trustworthy international corporations which make all kinds of affordable copiers and they are made in different ways in that some may even copy images of photos very sharply that it would be problematic to know the difference between the original and the copy.

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