How to Keep Your Teeth White for Longer

Are you worried that your teeth will end up losing their natural hue? Maybe you’re convinced they’ll turn yellow or gray soon. First of all, you need to take a deep breath and stop worrying. The truth is, your teeth will remain healthy and white, as long as you go out of your way to take good care of them. Here are several steps you can take to retain the natural color of your teeth for longer.

What you Should do

You’re going to want to start paying close attention to your daily routine. If you’re not doing this already, you’ll want to start flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day or more. On top of that, you should incorporate an antiseptic mouthwash into your daily routine. Why is this important? It’ll effectively destroy the bacteria that’s been shown to be responsible for plaque formation. Routine cleanings at Cosmetic Dentist Eau Claire can help with this, as well.

You may find that certain foods stain your teeth. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure you brush your teeth or rinse your mouth out shortly after you’ve had them. This will ensure that the problem is dealt with before it becomes one.

Habits you Should Break

In order to hold onto your white hue, you may need to do away with some of your less than ideal habits. Initially, this could prove to be a bit difficult. However, it’ll certainly be worth the try. Foods you should try your best to limit include citrus fruits, pomegranates, blueberries, blackberries, and sweets. They are known to cause unattractive stains on the teeth.

As for beverages, you’ll want to remember to cut down on coffee, tea, and soda. They contain tannins, and these leave a noticeable yellow tint on the teeth. Furthermore, you should stay clear of red wine. The reason for this is that it causes gray discoloration that tends to be even more of a challenge to get rid of than the yellow one.

You may be a bit hesitant to stop your old habits cold turkey, and that’s completely understandable. Every little step you take to reduce them is significant and will help you in the long run. What you can do is gradually decrease your intake of teeth staining foods and beverages. If you drink coffee twice a day, for example, you can try skipping one of those times. Successfully pulling this off means that you made some progress. Eventually, you’ll get to the point, where you’re able to eliminate the bad habits altogether. This is what you should be working toward achieving.

You certainly have the ability to keep your teeth white for many years to come. It’ll require a little effort on your part, however. If you can follow through with it, you’ll find that they hold onto their color well for a remarkably long time.