Different Treatment Procedures That Can Provide Relief To The Cancer Patients!

The cancer is known to be the most fatal disease that can occur in any part of the body and claims many lives all over the world. The blood cancer, breast cancer, uterus cancer, prostate cancer, throat cancer and abdominal cancer are the most common varieties of this deadly disease that lots of people suffer from. Though earlier there was simply no remedy for cancer, now the medical science has achieved huge progress and there are numbers of treatment procedures for curing any type of cancer at an initial stage.

Main reasons that may cause cancer in a person

Cancer occurs at a significant part of the body where the cells start growing abnormally, forming a lump or a tumor there. The exact cause of cancer is not yet detected for most of the cancer types, though a few factors are held responsible in some cases. The habit of smoking is attributed as a major reason for lung cancer; while the long exposure to the UV rays of sunlight can give rise to the skin cancer.

The lack of healthy habits in the lifestyle may be a prime cause for many cancers, among which overconsumption of unhealthy foods and alcoholic drinks are often held as responsible factors for causing cancer. The infections from various harmful viruses and bacteria can be the causes of cancer in many people, mainly for those with a weak immune system.

Most commonly practiced treatments for curing the cancer patients

  • Radiation therapy is a common treatment procedure that is applied for curing most of the cancer patients. Here, different kinds of radiations are given in high doses to the affected body parts, for damaging the DNA of the cancerous cells there so that the abnormal cell growth can be stopped totally. However, the radiation therapy may be continued for many weeks and even months, for eradicating all possibilities of the further growth of cancer in that body part.
  • Chemotherapy is another treatment procedure that is frequently known to be applied by the cancer specialists for curing most of their cancer patients. There are some special categories of chemical drugs that are administered serially to the patients, which can decrease the sizes of their tumors and eventually fully cure their cancers.
  • The chemotherapy is also intended to stop the spread of cancer to the other body parts. However, there are many side effects of these strong medications, for which people need a long time to regain their fitness.
  • When the medications do not seem to be effective, surgery is the last option to save the cancer patients, mainly to remove very large sized tumors from their bodies. However, these delicate surgeries can be performed only by highly experienced and specialized surgeons. There are different categories of surgeries for the treatment of cancers and only the cancer specialist surgeons can suggest the best type of surgery for curing every cancer patient. Some surgeries are aided with radiation therapy and chemotherapy as well, for faster and surer cure of the cancer patients in complicated stages.
  • Hormone therapy is applied mainly to the patients suffering from breast cancer and prostate cancer, as these cancers often occur due to the abnormal hormonal changes in the body system. It is also termed as endocrine therapy that decreases the severity of the cancer symptoms, by making positive changes in the production of the endocrine glands. It can be applied along with other cancer treatment procedures, like surgery and radiation therapy.
  • Stem cell transplant is another important therapy that is used for curing the patients suffering from blood cancer. It is more effective than the other treatment procedures and applied after the patients go through the radiation therapy or chemotherapy. In this treatment, healthy stem cells of the same blood group are transplanted into the body of the patient, which multiply very fast and replace the cancerous cells of the blood. However, it is an expensive treatment and needs to find a suitable donor for the appropriate stem cells.

The cancer patients are also treated with immunotherapy to increase their immunity power in fighting the disease. The doctors may opt for prescribing some precise medications that are not part of the chemotherapy and can cure cancer at an early stage.