3 Ways to Build Muscle Mass Faster

If you don’t see the gains you were hoping for, even after months of sweating it in the gym and eating cautiously, it can be really frustrating. A lot of people go through this, and once it happens, most people give up while a few others simply find a different method to bring on those elusive muscle gains. Today, we are going to discuss three methods to consider, if you are not the quitting type.

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Diet is More Important than Exercise for Building Mass

If exercise alone was enough to build the kind of muscle mass and definition we want, life would be so much easier! Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy, and the truth is that diet is more important for building muscle mass than exercise. Of course, eating a lot of calories without exercising would turn us into fat potatoes, so we need to put in enough effort to make sure that doesn’t happen either. On that note, here are a few points to keep in mind if you want to see faster muscle gains:

  • Eat more calories than you are burning
  • Keep your calories clean (trans fats should be avoided)
  • Increase your protein and healthy fat intake

Keep in mind that you will gain some fat in this process initially but that’s okay because you are on the bulking phase and once you start to cut, that fat will go away fast, leaving you muscular and defined. The more important thing here is that you will also build a lot of muscle tissue during this calorie surplus phase and you will retain most of it when you begin to shed. Try it for three months to see rapid improvement in muscle size.

Anabolic Steroids

It is an open secret that almost every athlete and professional bodybuilder we see around us are juicing, and to be perfectly honest, it works. If you combine a proper diet, a well-planned exercise routine and an anabolic steroid cycle, the results will come, and there’s nothing else in existence that can compare to the kind of gains you will see from the likes of testosterone, methandrostenolone, nandrolone, oxymetholone, etc. However, most of the bodybuilding steroids are not legal in the US without a prescription and there’s good reason for that. Illegal steroids can and will degrade your health, especially when a cycle is not followed up by post cycle therapy and sometimes, even after that. Liver damage, kidney damage, pimple breakouts, gynecomastia, permanent loss of sexual potency, and increased aggression are just some of the many side-effects of using illegal steroids. Try out bodybuilding protein and other legal steroid alternatives instead because they are safer and also produce some impressive results in terms of muscle gain.

Creatine and Water

Creatine is supposed to work like an energy booster and there’s no doubt that it works. Being the most researched sports supplement of all time, you can rest assured that it’s completely safe when taken in the right quantities and, accompanied by enough water, it can help you gain muscle size in two ways. Firstly, it will boost your performance in the gym, which is directly responsible for seeing better gains. The other thing about creatine is that when the supplement is accompanied by about a gallon of water per day, it can increase the size of your muscles by increasing the intracellular volume of muscle tissues.

Keep in mind that this list was designed with the idea that you are already putting in the right amount of effort in the gym and you have guidance, because without an intelligent exercise routine, the tips here won’t be nearly as effective as they can be.